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Park & Bond goes Tweed


Tweed is fondly thought of as the preferred fabric of Scottish sportsmen and English professors, but you don’t need to be traversing the moors—or the quad—to work the look into your fall wardrobe. This season, designers like Paul Smith, Thom Browne, and Michael Bastian are taking the storied fabric and giving it a modern, trim silhouette, plus a few rakish details, to bring tweed out of your grandfather’s closet and into yours. Paired with some slim-fitting cords and sleek, modern sneakers, you’ve got a smart, off-duty look; or give the navy blazer a night off by throwing on a tweed jacket in a similar hue, along with some military-influenced cargos and rugged boots. The key is to toss a little irreverence in the with traditional.

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Scott Disick

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