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The Boys in Blue

Our vision for The Armoury is to be the most trusted men’s haberdasher in Asia and the byword for elegance, quality, value, craftsmanship and soul in classic men’s clothing and accessories.


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The Esquire Guide to Ambitious Suits

You want to look good, and you want clothes that reflect your ambition and your drive. No matter your current salary or clothing budget, you have options.





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The Color For the Season?

No matter what you call it—mustard? ochre?—a pop of yellow is what you need to spice up your fall look.



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The Merino Sweater

It’s not that we don’t like cashmere. But those luxurious sweaters, with their silky softness, tend to feel a bit precious. Not to mention that many a cashmere sweater (whether pricey or not) tend to pill. Which is why, especially this time of year, you should look for sweaters made from merino. Crewneck, V-neck or cardigan, you won’t find a better workhorse for your autumn/winter wardrobe. They’re lightweight and breathable yet still warm, hard-wearing while still extremely soft. A sweater cut from a classic 12-gauge merino will keep you looking sharp for years—with nary a tear, pill or stretched-out neck in sight—if you treat it right. Perhaps that’s why brands like Ralph Lauren and J.Crew sell them in over a dozen colors.



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